Maximize your profit generation through
Strategic Credit Management

CredRisk Seguros has a consulting practice specialized in Strategic Credit Risk Management, which offers a full set of solutions for faster and safer decision-making.
The strategic management practice counts on a team of high quality professionals, who provide full support and assistance to your business. Count on the benefits of a team specialized in client service.


Speed and balance in credit decision-making are factors that influence client loyalty to the products and services of a supplier;

Improved management of headcount and of the respective direct and indirect costs;

Development of a team with technical skills appropriate for the Credit Risk Management activity;

Development of alternative tools that lead to protection and reduction of credit risks and shortening of the sales payment period, with the main objective of ensuring liquidity of the receivables portfolio.

Development of experienced professionals, with good technical and communication skills, and sound knowledge about the company’s business and its clients aligned with result targets;

Improved communication between the credit area and the internal and external clients;

Streamlining of activities leading to time and cost gains;

Balanced credit decision-making to maximize the exploitation of good business opportunities and reduce the default risk in credit transactions;

What do we offer?

Consulting services for diagnosis and structuring of performance strategies and dynamics for credit areas;

Technical evaluation of clients and suppliers for the purpose of measuring their payment capacity, and the risk posed by their business partners;

Participation in credit committees;

Qualification and refresher training for credit professionals;

Specialized recruitment and selection of credit professionals;

Supply of an automated credit decision system.

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