Specialty: innovative and bespoke programs to help our clients in overcoming challenges

To protect earnings and assets from various exposures, and to use capital in an efficient manner, are critical elements for the strength and growth of a company. The CredRisk Specialty team provides to its clients alternative solutions for unique risks that are not addressed or are addressed in an inefficient manner by traditional insurance and financial markets.

We develop innovative and customized programs to help our clients mitigate such challenges.

CredRisk Seguros is at your entire disposal to guide you and help you find the best solutions for your company.

Additional benefits:

Reduction in transaction costs;

Viable transactions;

Reduction and control of transaction risks;

Transfer of unknown or contingent risks.

What do we offer?

Services to avoid financial transaction risks;

Insurance for Financing Transactions and Financial Structuring;

Mitigation of Investment risks;

Infrastructure Projects & Project Finance;

Programs for Acquisition of Receivables without Recourse;

Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions.

Who needs this service?

  • Companies needing proof of insurance to comply with regulatory requirements, financial disclosure requirements, for loans or commercial purposes;
  • Companies needing to reduce the risks associated with financing, capital loans and project finance;
  • Companies wishing to optimize their financial management through more efficient ways of funding;
  • Companies facing a specific problem for which there is no clear or viable solution for risk transfer;
  • Companies seeking to achieve possible tax economies;
  • Companies planning a merger, acquisition or sale where problematic risks prevent the transaction;
  • Companies exploring the possibility of retaining more risk, as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy;
  • Companies seeking to offset significant amounts relating to retained or old liabilities;
  • Companies considering alternatives to protect themselves against the accumulation of assumed losses and/or awaiting capital approval;
  • Companies seeking to insure risks that otherwise cannot not be covered on account of their corporate structure.

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