Our Values

CredRisk Seguros builds its reputation based on six principles:



We have total freedom to act in our clients’ best interests, and focus on long term relationships, while being determined to always maintain our transparency and integrity.



We offer our clients customized insurance programs, and make sure that their specific commercial needs are met.


Ethics and good practices

Our objective is to improve all the practices used in our company in order to be able to continue delivering the best products and services with ethics and transparency to our clients.



We are a service-oriented company, which understands the real needs of its clients, and provides service of the highest standard.



We are committed to offer high performance services every day, to always exceed our clients’ expectations.



As we mainly work with trade credit insurance, we train professionals highly specialized in credit, exclusively focused on what we do best.

CredRisk Group

Who we Are

The CredRisk Group comprises three companies specialized in the international trade and logistics sectors. They are all licensed to operate in Brazil by the Insurance Regulatory body (SUSEP), and observe the code of ethics of the Brazilian Federation of Private Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers, Capitalization, Private Pension Plans, Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Companies.

CredRisk Seguros

  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Surety Insurance
  • Specialty

  • Cargo Insurance
  • Marine Modal
  • Risk Management